Private Pet Cremation 

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    You may ask yourself, what option may I have if my pet passes away at the veterinary clinic or at home? What happens next? At the animal hospital, you have the liberty to make the final arrangements. You may use their crematory service provider, (which may be located in or out of state) for a private cremation. Your pet would be returned within several days, or up to 1 or 2 weeks.

Another option may be to call us. You can bring your pet directly to our comfortable facility, or we can do the transfer from the veterinary hospital or home, for a small additional fee.  

Our family, comprised of a Licensed Funeral Director, has created a "Boutique Style" modern and inviting Pet Memorial Center and State-Of -The-Art Crematory that offers exclusive private pet cremation at an affordable price.

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Our Service

            Our Service

  • An Exclusive Private Pet Cremation will be performed in one of our state-of-the art Cremation Retorts.
  • We invite you to view, wait, and return home with your pet's cremated remains, gently placed in an attractive, personalized urn, within just a few hours of your time.  
  • Our secure identification system assures that the identity of your pet is known at all times, and that only their cremated remains will be returned to you
  • We offer a full line of beautiful pet urns, cremation pendants and clay paw prints.
  • We provide a 'pet clean' environment; we will never transfer or incinerate medical waste.
  • Our entrance and parking are located on the right side of the building.

Please take comfort that the entire cremation process, personalization options, and more will be explained during your time with us.  We look forward to serving you...

Community Cremation Care

Community Cremation Care

Due to the communal nature, your pet's cremated remains will not be returned but gently placed in a pet cemetery. 

Reduced-Rate Cremation

Reduced-Rate Cremation

We are pleased to provide Private Cremation Care for active-service animals at a reduced rate.

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